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Commercial clients 

We work with commercial clients to design workspaces that make teams healthier, happier, and more productive. We know that going to work shouldn’t be seen as a chore, so we design with a people-centric process, to deliver workspaces that are better than the home.

In our experience, our commercial clients are frustrated by some specific problems when starting their workspace retrofit projects, particularly since they are busy running their own businesses and their time is already stretched:
• Being led to believe a project will be completed sooner than it actually will, which impacts their business, staff, and finances
• Not being given enough information about costs per square foot and how long the works will take
• Not having a trusted network of local builders and reliable consultants to deliver the project
• Poor communication which can lead to frustration and delays
• Not being able to start the project soon enough

By engaging us, you will find:
• You get a workspace specialists, with in-depth knowledge that will be able to advise on how to optimise the space
• You will have our integrated approach of architecture and interior design to smooth the process
• You know how much you can fit in the space which will allow you to plan occupancy
• You will get an expert in designing for wellbeing in the workspace, in order to create healthier and more productive spaces for your team
• You will receive clear, transparent communication, and an honest timescale
• Your team will be excited by the proposals, since we do engagement work with large groups of people for councils
• Your brand will be understood, and we will reflect it in the designs of the space
• You will have a trusted network of consultants and builders to decrease your costs and ensure you’re working with a team that will add value

We have a proven methodology for delivering these results:

  1. Communication and programme - You will have clear communication direct with the partners, with a programme and scheduled meetings set from the outset.

  2. Brand and Identity - We work closely with our clients to develop designs that reflect the identity of their businesses. Through careful consultation and updates, we ensure that the designs are perfectly suited to the way your team work.

  3. Value, quality, and wellbeing - We know how to deliver people-centric, on-budget proposals, and will deliver wellbeing benefits through your fit out project.

We deliver innovation and best in class specification, and have become trusted consultants for our clients, which they have told us themselves.

Contact us via office@officesandm.com for an initial consultation meeting, and we will show you how we can design the perfect workspace for you and your team.


Electric Park
Electric Park, for General Projects

‘Our ambition is to create one of the healthiest, most sustainable, and most user-centric workplaces in London, if not the world. That ethos of originality was abundantly clear with Office S&M and their approach to put user experience at the heart of their design absolutely resonates with ours. ’

Ben Cross, Development Director, General Projects