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Creative Wellbeing Space and Workspace

Office S&M is working for Newham Council to deliver a new 600m² community space with wellbeing at its heart.

During the last four years, Office S&M Architects have worked closely with the council and Green Street residents to make sure the new space is inviting and comfortable for people local to Green Street. We have co-designed the space with local people through focus meetings and online surveys, paid interviews and collage workshops, 1:1 drawings and even Minecraft! This will make sure the space is welcoming and fit for purpose for residents of Green Street.

The scheme is one of four projects that make up the Queen’s Market Good Growth Programme, which has been jointly funded by the Council, the Mayor of London, LEAP, and the Levelling Up Fund. 

The building fronts onto Queens Square, and new windows will connect to the newly renovated square. The the centre of the scheme will become a new space for Green Street Library, while a separate unit will provide workspace for local people. On the first floor, community rooms provide flexible spaces.

‘ The Office S&M team really delve deep to understand the people and the place, through listening and asking all the right questions. By understanding the collective ambitions and developing a process that supports the outcomes we all want to achieve, they design ideas that reflect these community conversations and more importantly tell a story that makes it more meaningful and relevant.‘ 

Roger Austin, Regeneration Manager at London Borough of Newham

The project will be delivered through community wealth building via local contractors, and Office S&M Architects has subcontracted its fee to local surveyors, consultants, and artists, and spent project money on materials, printing, and refreshments with local retailers. Community wealth building is at the core of how the practice delivers its work, and the final space will have windows, stairs, and furniture made by local fabricators. This ensures money is put back directly into the pockets of local people, and is a key part of how we approach all projects.


Location: Newham, London
Project: Community space
Client: London Borough of Newham
Completed: May 2023


Collaborative architect: Astrain Scheldt
Empathy Mapping: Sahra Hersi
Wellbeing Consultants: Ekkist
Artist: Willkay
Photographer: Jim Stephenson
Contractor: TBC
Building Control: London Borough of Newham
Engineers: Simple Works
MEP: EDP Environmental


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