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Developer clients

We are small site specialists who understand how to optimise opportunities through our knowledge of planning policy and experience on Design Review Panels.  We help private clients to design the optimal use of their plot by reducing planning risk. 

In our experience, our professional developer clients are frustrated by specific problems:
• Being given a lack of certainty or unrealistic expectations at early stages
• Not having rock solid information for your viability assessment
• Not being given all of the information on a site’s planning risk
• Being led to believe a project will be completed sooner than it actually will, which impacts on the cost of finance
• Endlessly spending money on reports and consultants
• Not having trusted connections for consultant appointments
• Not being given confidence in planning performance

By engaging us, you will find:
• You know how many units you can fit on the site to enable you to accurately calculate GDV
• You get a small site specialist, with in-depth knowledge of up to date and emerging local planning policy, in order to optimise the site
• You will receive clear, transparent communication, and an honest, realistic timescale
• We know how to speak to planners, since we are on Design Review Panels and our projects are used as examples in council planning policy
• You can access an engagement strategy to de-risk the planning application
• You will have a trusted network of consultants, to decrease your costs and ensure work with a team that will add value

We have a proven methodology for delivering these results:

  1. Constraints and opportunities - Our Feasibility Study will look for opportunities to optimise development on site, using our experience and knowledge of planning policy.

  2. Communication and strategy - You will have clear communication direct with the partners, and this will give you a clear understanding of the development opportunity and risks.

  3. Value and quality - We know how to deliver design-led, on-budget proposals, and will bring this to deliver your scheme.

We aim to exceed expectations, and have become trusted consultants for our repeat clients, which they have told us themselves.

Contact us via office@officesandm.com for a Feasibility Study, and we will show you how we can make the most of your site.

Chipstead Way
Chipstead Way, for Omo Ayoade

Salmen House for My Property and Home
Salmen House, for My Property and Home Ltd

‘I first reached out to Office S&M when I had a micro site in Thornton Heath, the previous architect could only envisage 5 units but I felt there was room for more and the end result was Office S&M delivering consent for 8 units on the site. Since then Office S&M have become my go to architects and have managed to get me other consents on equally constrained sites.’

Omo Ayoade, Chipstead Way