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Electric Park

We were asked by General Projects to prepare a Wellbeing Fit Out Guide for Electric Park in Manchester. The guide will be used to explain the benefits of a wellbeing-led workspace to tenants, which as well as being comfortable and people-focussed, ultimately provide great places to do amazing work.

We understand that social and personal space are important for a more dynamic and happier team. We have designed the office to encourage conversations and collaboration, but to also have private and quiet spaces for more focussed work. 

The modular furniture creates an adaptable internal landscape that contrasts with the industrial building. Inactivity is one of the major health issues facing offices so we have encouraged movement by spreading out social and work spaces. 

‘Plants are linked to improved team morale, increased working efficiency, and more job satisfaction.‘ 

IWBI, 2022

Natural and sustainable materials have been chosen to limit the environmental impact and toxicity, for example the cork blocks which are eco-friendly and also help with acoustics. The floor is a roll-type, bio-based flooring made with Mycelium which is a natural fungi.

There is no one simple solution to creating a healthy workplace. It requires a holistic approach which much consider all aspects of staff health, productivity, and happiness. Different elements are closely connected, interlinked and overlapping, and only by considering all elements in parallel can we deliver a workplace that will truly allow people to thrive. 


Location: Manchester
Project: Electric Park
Client: General Projects


Architect: Office S&M / HawkinsBrown
Wellbeing Consultant: Ekkist 
Space Planning: CAN 
Visualiser: SLAB