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More with Less

“More with Less: Reimagining Architecture for a Changing World”, is the inaugural exhibition at the Farrell Centre, Newcastle, and offers new visions for architecture in the face of the climate emergency.

Office S&M argue that to make comfortable buildings we need to embrace uncomfortable architecture. To illustrate this, our installation focuses on five fundamental elements that make up a room: wall, window, ceiling, door and floor. Each of these elements requires adaptation to improve the energy efficiency of our existing housing stock. The question, for Office S&M, is how this can be done in ways that are not just about practicality, but that inspire wonder and curiosity?

More with Less aims to demonstrates how sustainability is not just a question of materials, of swapping a carbon-intensive material for a better one, but something that requires fundamentally new ways of thinking about architecture. We are delighted to present this first inaugural show which offers creative new ways of engaging with architecture whilst reaffirming its central importance to our lives as individuals, society, and our planet.”

Owen Hopkins, Director of The Farrell Centre

Our installation, which comprises five discrete but related interventions, provides some ideas: a furry wall application insulates the room while introducing colour and tactility; a dichroic film applied to the windows regulates heat entering the space while bathing the interior in a rich, coloured light; a pendant light in the form of a column transforms the ceiling into a vital part of the room; a space-age foil door covering, complete with ‘cat flaps’, addresses the need for controlled but practical ventilation; and a refined modernist chair, set within a grid repeating across the floor, is augmented with rough insulation foam.

Together, the five interventions illustrate Office S&M’s idea that architecture can be reimagined as a kind of ‘veneer’, which might be applied to existing buildings, utilising the potential of cheap, everyday materials to deliver luxurious – as well as energy efficient – experiences.


Location: The Farrell Centre, Newcastle
Project: More with Less Exhibition
Client: The Farrell Centre


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