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Online Domestika Course

Office S&M have launched an online course with Domestika, offering some of our top tips to help you renovate your home.

We designed this video course, called “Spatial Design: Create interior spaces that tell a story” to help you explore personal ways of using colour, material, furniture and lighting, to design joyful spaces inspired by your own narrative.

You can access the course here >

Our course will give you the confidence to complete your own design projects and create interiors perfectly suited to the way you want to live. We show you how character can be brought to a space and how your personal taste can inform design decisions.

“Some really great tips for process, material selection and costing. Great approach from Office S&M that mixes colour and playfulness but from a highly rigorous design process “.

Domestika Student

Through a clear structure, we explain each part of the process involved in planning a space and bringing it to life, from colour and materials, to floor plans and managing construction.

Find out more about the course here.


Location: Online
Project: Domestika Course
Client: Domestika


Architect: Office S&M