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Finsbury Park Shops

Office S&M have worked in close collaboration with Jan Kattein Architects on a tri-borough high street initiative, working on visual merchandising with 30 individual businesses in the Finsbury Park area.

Finsbury Park has always been a key intersection, where high streets, transport links and three separate boroughs, Islington, Hackney and Haringey converge. A meeting point for many and an area rich in history, craft and enterprise.

The proposals responded to the aspirations and needs of the individual businesses while also achieving a sense of cohesion and bringing together of the four separate high streets in the Finsbury Park area, which over the years had become fragmented and visually chaotic.

Our proposals celebrated the rich history while addressing issues of poor business communication and visual merchandising in the area. Working closely with the individual business owners and local artisans, to develop bespoke and individual designs.

‘Many thanks for developing such a good rapport with our local businesses. This has resulted in some excellent high street interventions.‘ 

Michael Calderbank, Economic Development Team, Islington Council

As part of this Office S&M were also commissioned to produce a publication for a ‘guide to Visual Merchandising’ workbook, which was developed through a process of consultation with local business owners to support and help improve their display designs.

The scheme ensures that the area around Finsbury Park lives up to its status as an arrival point and intersection between four distinct high streets. Resulting in a series of interventions, at different scales that sought to unite and celebrate the richness and peculiarities of the local area.

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Location: Finsbury Park, London
Project: Improving visual merchandising for thirty independent retailers
Client: Islington Council
Completed: 2017


Contractor: Cuttle Construction
Fabrication: Whitehaus
Photographer (House of Hodge): Jan Kattein Architects