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Nag’s Head Market

We were invited to bid for the Nag’s Head Market project by Islington Council following the success of the Finsbury Park Shops project.

In order to improve the high street presence and business offer of Nags Head Market, which has occupied a prominent site in Holloway since 1975, we worked through a series of strategic improvements to the fabric and operation of the market. Initially, through a process of re-branding, designs to de-clutter and improve the quality of the exterior elevations to the market were developed.

The works to Nags’ Head Market re-establish it as a crucial part of the town centre, and as such we have been working alongside the Town Centre Manager at Islington Council to ensure that the works have a positive impact on Seven Sisters Road through external improvements, but also internal works.

During the next four years, we secured seven planning approvals from Islington for the market renovation and expansion. Now that these are being implemented, we are working to develop the use of a new 1000m2 mezzanine floor, which will become a new street food market with 17 separate kitchens and retail units in the space. The proposals have been developed with the multi-headed client, and diverse stakeholders, in order to deliver a cohesive project that cements the market’s position in the community for the next 25 years.

‘Office S&M know how to work with the shoppers, traders and managers of the market, and always provide valuable advice. This has led to us retaining them throughout the development of the market, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on our other sites.‘ 

Satpal Sethi, Director of Nag's Head Market

The new market stalls on the mezzanine floor will both increase the offer that the market currently has, while also enabling existing traders to grow into larger units. The public market space has already had a positive impact with free to enter events, such as a monthly vegan market. We have worked closely with the market owners and individual businesses to understand these opportunities and risks, leading us to propose and successfully obtain planning permission for an additional access stair in order to “catch” the flow of pedestrians across the market and increase the capacity of the upstairs market due to fire regulations.

The quality of the market stalls and market renovation is crucial to the project. This is to enable the overall market to have a more noticeable and positive impact on the high street, as well as each trader being able to promote their quality produce and individual brand. We have enabled this through strong overall branding, which matches the colour scheme of the town centre and the market, as well as allowing flexibility within this structure for the individual stalls. This was tested through a 1:1 prototype to enable early buy-in from potential tenants, as well as the opportunity to test the finishes and dimensions of the proposal.

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Location: Islington, London 
Project: Renovation and extension of public market
Client: Nag’s Head Market
Completed: 2021