We are an architecture practice that works with a 50/50 split of public clients and private clients on individual homes, new build housing, workspace retrofit and public realm projects.


We are passionate about people, and we know that our buildings only exist to benefit occupants. This idea carrys through everything we do, from co-design with public stakeholders, to collaboration with private homeowners.


Our clients benefit from our experience in the public and private sector. Learn more about how we provide our services:

for Developers

'The previous architect could only envisage 5 units, but I felt there was room for more and the end result was Office S&M delivering consent for 8 homes on the site. Office S&M have become my go to architects.’

Omo, client for Goldsmith Mews

for Homeowners

‘They were extremely responsive throughout, offering clear and sensible advice. They were an utter joy to work with, and the end results are just fantastic. Couldn't be happier.‘

Alan and Keiko, clients for Overcast House

for Councils

‘Office S&M know how to work with the shoppers, traders, and managers of the market, and always provide valuable advice.‘

Satpal, client for Nag's Head Market


'We asked for not boring, and boy did Office S&M Architects deliver. Our kids adore the space, from their secret storage spaces to the fun use of mirrors. Personally, the colours bring me joy on a daily basis.'

Tamsin, homeowner client for Mo-tel House

'Office S&M Architects were easy to work with and came up with some great designs, both interesting and practical. They worked with me from concept, planning and tendering, through to build and completion, where they delivered the project on-time and to-budget.’

Isla, developer client for Salmen House

We create added value for our public clients and private clients with our environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable process. You will find us a great teammate because:

1. We bring knowledge and skills from public and private sectors  

2. We use a people-centric design process

3. We deliver the exceptional, everytime

W   S   P   A   C

W   S   P   A  C



It's good to chat. Even if you are just starting to look at a project, get in touch and we can answer your questions.